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Creando y organizando conversaciones cándidas

Yi Wei
iDE, Cambodia

Innovation Lead (Rural Poverty Reduction)


We were devising an interview guideline to collect information on a certain group of government officials and whether they should be the recommended channel for implementing a social marketing campaign. We needed to get honest feedback from them and those around them about how appropriate they were to serve this role.


Why we used the tool

We used the Interview Guide tool and the Question Ladder tool in tandem to help us take stock – making sure we got all the possible questions out there first, then organising them according to the purpose of the question, and then finally by level of complexity.


How we used the tool

We used the tool as a guide to help organise our questions. The most helpful aspect was probably how the tool organised the questions according to complexity. In the Cambodian context, asking a question will most likely not get you the answer right away. Rather, you have to ask the same question in several different ways, and understanding which questions are most complex helped to remind us to ask questions as simply as possible first.


Results of using the tool

We were able to ask questions as directly as possible without getting too complex in the beginning with more abstract ideas such as conditionals.

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